Special Features

  • Diversity Thumb Law Review Diversity Report

    In 2011, 2012 and 2013, the New York Law School Law Review published its law review diversity reports examining female and minority student representation among law review membership and leadership nationwide. The reports are based on research conducted in collaboration …

  • nlr54-1_ofc-1501 In Other Words

    Read commentaries by Law Review editors on issues addressed at recent symposia and other events.  Commentaries discuss issues such as the relationship of President Obama and Chief Justice Roberts, the “fiction of fact” in employment discrimination cases, and the legality …

  • Innovate Logo Innovate/Activate


    An Introduction to Innovate / Activate (December 8, 2011)

    Christopher Wong

    Innovation is unquestionably important to society. Intellectual property (IP) regimes seek to provide incentives for such innovation. However, understanding the “inter-working” of IP regimes and innovation has …

  • LREV-Timeline-Thumbnail-2013-v1r1 118x118 (2) History of the Law Review

    This timeline highlights key milestones in the Law Review’s history and some examples of how its scholarship has reflected, responded to, and engaged with various legal developments and current affairs since the journal’s inaugural issue in 1955.


  • Database-Thumbnail Writing Contest Database


    This database contains information about legal writing contests open to students. It is maintained by the editors of the New York Law School Law Review as a free resource to NYLS students and others. You may search the database …