2002/03 | Volume 46 | Numbers 1&2

Judge Jon. O. Newman: A Symposium Celebrating his Thirty Years on the Federal Bench

This issue honored Judge Jon O. Newman’s service to the United States Federal Court.  This special issue is a compilation of the proceedings of the 2002 Law Review Symposium, with additional scholarly contributions. The Symposium was organized by the New York Law School Law Review, and directed by Professor Paul R. Dubinsky and other former and current law clerks of Judge Newman.  This issue also reflected on the future of copyright, federal jurisdiction, and international law.

I. Introduction

II. What Cases Belong in the Federal Court? The Past and Future of Federal Court Jurisdiction

III. Is Is International Law Part of U.S. Law?  Understanding an Awkward Relationship

IV. Can Our Current Conception of Copyright Law Survive the Internet Age?

V. Articles

VI. Notes & Comments

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