2002/03 | Volume 46 | Numbers 3&4

Reflecting on the Legal Issues of our Times: New York Law School Faculty Presentation Day

The issue is a compilation of scholarly contributions originating from New York Law School’s Faculty Presentation Day on April 3, 2002, and is a memorialization of the collaborative and scholarly discussion of that day.  Some of the articles include topics such as Changes in the Law Since 9/11, Portraits of Grief: Reflecting on The New York Times 9/11 Obituaries Through a Legal Lens, Economic Justice, and Dispute Resolution.

I. Introduction

II. Legal Education

III. Dispute Resolution

IV. Dealing with Mental Disabilities in Trust & Estate Law Practice

V. The Environment and the Law

VI. Portraits of Grief: Reflecting on The New York Times 9/11 Obituaries Through a Legal Lens

VII. Changes in the Law Since 9/11

VIII. Economic Justice

IX. Perspectives on Thomas Jefferson

X. Notes & Comments

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