2005/06 | Volume 50 | Number 4

Llewellyn’s Dueling Canons and A Corporate Analysis of Public Authority Administration

This issue features two articles.  One is a critique of Karl N. Llewellyn’s famous canons of construction, in which he paired canons that appeared to lead to opposite and directly conflicting interpretations.  New York Law School Professor Michael Sinclair embarked on an ambitious project to examine each of Llewellyn’s twenty-eight pairs to either determine the validity of Llewellyn’s position or refute it by reconciling the canons in a given pair.  This article examines the first seven pairs.  In the other article, Jonathan Rosenbloom examines the growth of public authorities, assesses their performance against a set of private corporate criteria, and proposes a new way of thinking about the distribution and performance of public services.

I. Articles

II. Book Review

III. Case Comments

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