Important information about law review membership is below. Information about the Law Review is also available in the NYLS Student Handbook. 


Write-on Competition
Instructions & Fact Pattern


Grade-On Selection and Invitations

The primary method of law review membership selection is based on a class rank requirement, calculated at the end of each academic year. Students who meet the grade-on requirements for Law Review membership are notified via their NYLS email address in late June or early July each year, following the close of the academic year. Grade-on membership is determined as follows:

  • First-Year Students. The Law Review extends invitations to 1Ls who rank in the top 15% of their division at the end of their first year (i.e., completion of two semesters) at NYLS based on their cumulative GPA. Day division students selected on this basis will begin participation in the Law Review in August, at the start their 2L year. Evening division students who are accepted on this basis will not start their Law Review duties until August of the following year, after upon completion of four semesters at NYLS. Students who receive an invitation based on their class rank will be notified in late June or early July.
  • Second-Year and Transfer Students. The Law Review extends invitations to upper-level students, including transfer students who have completed two semesters at NYLS, whose cumulative GPA based on four semesters of grades places them in the top 10% of their class. These students will begin participation in August, at the start of their 3L year.


Write-On Selection

The Law Review is pleased to invite continuing students who are not extended membership invitations based on the grade-on criteria to participate in the annual Write-On Competition (described below), subject to the following limitations: evening students may participate in the Write-On Competition only if they have completed two academic years (four semesters) of law school and transfer students must complete two semesters at New York Law School in order to be eligible to participate. Students who are in the Comprehensive Curriculum Program (CCP) are eligible to participate after completion of two semesters of law school; CCP status does not affect students’ eligibility.

The competition requires students to demonstrate their writing and legal analysis skills by drafting a paper based on a problem that is developed by the Law Review. A write-on problem from a prior year is available to download here. The problem is designed to allow students to demonstrate their writing and analytical skills based on an analysis of a scholarly article, a series of cases, or other relevant law.

Members of the Law Review’s editorial board and its Faculty Publisher will review all submissions and extend membership invitations to those students whose papers exhibit excellent writing and analysis. All submissions are reviewed anonymously, and invitations are extended solely based on the merit of the written submission.  There is no pre-determined number of students who will be invited to join the Law Review through the Write-On competition. Decisions of the Publisher are final. Due to the number of submissions, the Law Review is unable to provide feedback on students’ write-on papers following the end of the Write-On Competition.


The Write-On Competition and Invitations

Participants must submit their papers according to instructions that are included in the problem. All submissions must be email to The Law Review does not extend the deadline for any reason, including because of the timing of or any problems with email, and will not consider submissions delivered after 5pm on Friday.

Submissions have been limited to 15 pages. All submissions must contain footnotes in the current Bluebook (20th ed.) format.  Full instructions and additional requirements are included with the problem.

Bluebook Training Sessions (Optional). In prior years, the NYLS Library has held optional citation workshops, which students may find helpful. Advance registration is required. Dates and times will be announced prior to the start of the competition.

Write-On Invitations. All students who are selected for membership on the Law Review as a result of the Write-On Competition will receive formal invitations during the week following the end of the competition.


Orientation and Membership Requirements

All students invited to join the Law Review (except evening students who just completed their first two semesters of law school and whose participation in Law Review will not begin until August 2018) are required to attend our Orientation in August. Orientation is typically held the week before fall classes startAll new members must be at the law school on both nights of Orientation. All Law Review members are required to take either the day or evening section of “Legal Scholarship” during the fall semester. Other requirements will be explained during Orientation. 




For general inquiries, please email Managing Editor Kasey Kimball at  For questions relating to membership requirements and the Write-On Competition, please contact Professor Michelle Zierler, faculty publisher, at or 212-431-2330.