Diversity Report

About the Authors


About the Authors

The Law Review Diversity Report is a project of the New York Law School Law Review, begun in 2010 in partnership with Ms. JD.

The 2011-2012 survey was conducted and the report prepared by Stephanie Chichetti, Emily Freeborn, and Lilia Volynkova, the 2012-2013 Features Editors of the Law Review and 2013 J.D. candidates at New York Law School, under the supervision of Marcey Grigsby, the Law Review’s faculty Publisher. Below, they share their perspectives on the project.

Stephanie Chichetti ’13:
“This report is a reminder that, while women comprise roughly half of the enrolled students in J.D. programs, they are under-represented in law review EIC positions. This issue is magnified when exploring the long-term career paths for female attorneys, where women are underrepresented in law firm partnerships and judgeships.”

Emily Freeborn ’13:
“Diversity on law reviews is important because it not only leads to a greater breadth of legal perspectives reflected in law review publications, but may have implications for the career prospects of female and minority law students. By studying the demographics of law reviews, we can see what groups are underrepresented and begin to understand why.”

Marcey Grigsby, Faculty Advisor
“For the second year in a row, our research indicates that the presence of women on a law school’s full-time faculty is related to greater gender diversity of law review membership, but we didn’t see a correlation with women in the EIC position. Learning more about the nature of that relationship could be important in understanding some of the factors that impact achievement among female law students.”

The authors of the 2010-2011 Law Review Diversity Report were Dana Brodsky, Maria Cheung, Kelly Garner, and Jamie Sinclair, 2011-2012 Features Editors of the Law Review and 2012 graduates of New York Law School.